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Norway: excess table potatoes processed into starch

The Potato harvest in Norway in 2014 was large. The large surplus of potatoes for consumption now will be partly processed into starch.

Photo: Håkon Bjerke (Bedre Gardsdrift)

A growers association in Norway (GPS) identified a surplus of 7000 tons Asterix. The Cooperation has signed an agreement with Hoff - initially for 5000 tons Class 1 Asterix - to process them in their starch production, according to a letter from the cooperation to its potato producers. Since Potato Starch is shelf stable it is a good way to take product out of the market.

Shops in Norway also show great willingness to increase the sales of Norwegian potatoes, at the expense of imported potatoes. Advertising, new packaging and premium placement in stores has increased the proportion of Norwegian potatoes sold. But with a production of table potatoes 20-30% above normal, there was just no way all potatoes can be sold in the consumption market.