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Più Gusto Mint and Chili Pepper: created by Italians, produced by San Carlo

Più Gusto Mint and Chili Pepper: created by Italians, produced by San Carlo.

After San Carlo's success with the "Più Gusto" potato chips flavours "Lime and Pink Pepper" and "Flowered Mustard", the snack manufacturer surprises its Italian fans again with a new chips flavour: "Più Gusto Mint and Chili"

In February the new flavour launched in the Italian stores so you can now try new Più Gusto Mint and Chili Pepper.

The well-known Italian brand, leader in potato chips and snacks, enriches “Più Gusto” line adding a new recipe created by Maria Francesca Tenuta, winner of San Carlo's “Create Your Taste” Contest.

For the first time in Italy consumers were involved in the creation of a new product choosing two ingredients from over 150.

The contest was a hit with consumers, who were engaged with challenges and prizes: over 40.000 consumers joint the creation of new chips flavor proposing over 10.000 different combinations of taste.

New Più Gusto Mint and Chili Pepper are an absolute new flavor experience: a unique taste, fresh and spicy at the same time.

An irresistible contrast for everybody. The freshness of mint blends with the intriguing spiciness of chili, with a taste explosion. The new recipe is added to a successful Più Gusto range that includes:

  • Lively-Paprika
  • Cherry Tomatoes
  • Lime and Pink Pepper
  • Flowered Mustard

New “Più Gusto Mint and Chili Pepper” are in the Italian stores with formats 150gr, €1 (70gr) e Bar (50gr).

The launch will be supported by an online advertising campaign, a social media campaign and through advertisement on public transportation in Milan and Rome.

San Carlo's new “Più Gusto Mint and Chili Pepper”