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TOMRA Sorting Food Heads to Oregon for NWFPA Expo and Conference

Aerial view of the Portland Convention Center, Portland, Oregon

TOMRA Sorting Food will display two of its state-of-the-art sorting machines and steam peeling XP valve at the Northwest Food Processors Association (NWFPA) Expo and Conference 2015.

The event takes place at Portland Convention Center, Portland, Oregon, January 12-14. TOMRA Sorting Food will share booth 1600 with Columbia Food Machinery where they will show the Blizzard and Genius optical sorters, as well as the XP Valve, a key component of their potato steam peeling systems.

Delegates visiting the booth will be able to use the innovative, user-friendly touchscreens of the Blizzard and Genius which show the capabilities of each sorter.

Ashley Hunter at TOMRA Sorting Food, said: “We are always keen to listen to our customers to find out about their needs now and in the future. This enables us to develop machines which respond directly to their requirements and ensure they see a fast return on their investment. Food processors benefit from machines which offer increased uptime, a better quality end-product and higher yield. Both the Genius and Blizzard achieve this.”

The Blizzard free-fall pulsed LED camera sorter is one of the most cost-effective optical sorting solutions for IQF vegetable processors available. Pulsed LEDs, with different wavelengths and specifically designed sensors, provide continuous food inspection to ensure food safety and quality by removing unwanted discolorations, foreign material and misshapen product.

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Watch the Blizzard in Action

The Blizzard’s high-tech air ejectors reject defects with millisecond precision, allowing good produce to continue for further processing and generating maximum yield.

Its compact design makes it easy to fit into existing processing lines and it has been designed to fit the output of IQF tunnels.

Like the Blizzard, the Genius optical belt sorter uses air ejectors to separate good and bad produce. Both machines require little maintenance and can handle a high volume of produce at any one time. It can be tailored to individual customer requirements, taking into consideration their unique needs.

TOMRA Genius Optical Sorter

The Genius can sort a multitude of foods including potatoes, seafood, nuts, fruit and vegetables. With high resolution cameras and lasers, it offers a combination of inspection technologies in different inspection zones, achieving unequalled sorting performance.

For operators, the sorting machine brings multiple benefits. Its graphical user interface enhances ease of use and its high volume abilities means processing is faster, more effective and efficient without compromising food safety and quality.

TOMRA Sorting Food’s potato eco-peeler has delivered substantial yield improvement and energy savings for processors in the north-west of the United States. Customers have seen their energy consumption reduced by up to 25 per cent and peeling losses kept to a minimum.

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TOMRA Eco-peeler

The Eco steam peeler includes a new steam peeling vessel design, with new process automation, which includes an innovative product mixing design that enables rapid heat transfer from the steam to the surface of the potatoes. Visitors to the NWFPA Expo will be able to see the XP valve technology used in the peeler which increases valve lifespan six fold compared to those provided by competitors.

Now in its 101st year, NWFPA Expo and Conference is the largest regional food processing trade show in North America. It brings together manufacturers, suppliers, customers and industry experts to address operational needs through presentations, networking events and its exhibition.