McDonald's is testing new Big Macs and analysts want fries with that

McDonald's is testing different versions of the Big Mac in Central Ohio and Dallas: (from left to right) "Mac Jr.", "Big Mac" and "Grand Mac". Analysts suggest McDonald's should test different versions of its french fries too.

Nomura analysts responded to reports that McDonald’s Corp. is testing two new versions of its iconic Big Mac sandwich with the suggestion that the fast-food chain do the same with its french fries.

McDonald’s is currently testing a bigger Big Mac called the “Grand Mac,” which will be composed of a third-pound of beef split between two patties, two slices of American cheese, lettuce, minced onions and pickles on a larger sesame seed bun, according to a release. It‘s priced at $4.89.

The “Mac Jr.” cuts the Big Mac to one layer which is “easier to eat on the go,” the release said. It’s priced between $2.39 and $2.59.

The test is taking place in 130 restaurants across Central Ohio and in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. The limited-time offer lasts through June 6 in Central Ohio.

The tests are “a sign of the company’s evolving willingness to have no ‘untouchables’ on the menu,” wrote Nomura analysts in a note published Wednesday.

“We look forward to some of the French fry line extensions we’ve seen overseas (such as McDonald’s Australia’s Loaded Fries) perhaps being tested stateside one day, if we’re fortunate,” the note said.