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  • AVR demonstrates 'All Conditions Control' option for Puma 3 at Potato Europe, Aardappeldemodag
AVR demonstrates 'All Conditions Control' option for Puma 3 at Potato Europe, Aardappeldemdag

Agricultural machinery manufacturer AVR presents its new option on the Puma 3 during Potato Europe and the Aardappeldemodag: the All Conditions Control or in short the ACC.

When you´re dealing with wet clay soil, for example, instead of the normal front-end you can opt for the All Conditions Control (ACC).

This front-end enables you to dig up the potatoes without putting the slightest pressure on the ridges (diabolo-free, because the diabolos hover above the ridges). This can be a great advantage under difficult harvesting conditions. The diabolos do remain mounted in the front-end, however, in order to ensure good insertion in dry conditions.

The user himself can opt to harvest with or without diabolos, depending on the circumstances.

The ACC front-end is a single broad front-end, with 8 large (900 mm) driven disks. The depth is adjusted by two corner sensors, which monitor the movement of two skids.

The diabolos can be mounted far enough away from the ridge so as not to press on the ridge, but nevertheless to facilitate the insertion, to break the crust if necessary and to serve as mechanical protection. The diabolo can be hydraulically controlled from the cabin, to regulate the depth.

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Avr's Puma 3 with 'All Conditions Control' (ACC)

The new Puma 3 will be demonstrating the ACC option during Aardappeldemodag in Westmaas (NL) on August 31st. During Potato Europe in Villers-St-Christophe (FR) on September 14th and 15th, the machine will be presented on the AVR stand D43-47.