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How are Potatoes served around the World?

How are Potatoes served around the World?

This map was created by McCain Foods UK for its foodservice customers. If you visit the interactive version of this map (link below), you can click each flag and find the culinary habits of the potato lovers in that region.

January 22, 2016
“How are potatoes served around the world?”. That’s the question McCain Foodservice have put to caterers, in a bid to highlight the versatility and adaptability of the humble spud as a menu item.

To answer this, McCain have launched an interactive recipe map, looking at the ways potatoes and potato products are used in traditional cuisines worldwide. The map allows users to look at culinary habits from Mexico to China, and offers up novel ways from British caterers to use the potato.

PotatoPro highlights two of our favorites below!
Regarding the launch of the map, a spokesperson for McCain said “the potato has always been considered a diet staple due to its nutritional benefits and versatility. In today’s society where consumers have a growing appetite for new tastes, food trends and experiences we’re looking around the world for inspiration on how the humble potato can be used in new and exciting ways.”

Canada: Poutine

Each country on the map has its own recipe portal, which can then be download as a PDF containing nutritional information and serving size for ease of use by caterers. McCain have aimed to make the recipes as accessible as possible, with most containing potato as a base alongside other easy to obtain, prep minimal ingredients.

As such, most recipes can be adapted to suit a variety of serving situations, with dishes like poached egg, black pudding and potato rosti looking at home on a breakfast, lunch, or evening small plates menu. The meals are also designed to be useful to a number of sectors, whether they’re made available on a casual dining menu or chalked up on a pub blackboard.

Head over to McCain Foodservice to take a look at the interactive version of the map, and find out more about new ways to use potatoes.
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