New Haith potato washing system meets demands of today's market

A Haith Process Washing system with a capacity of 25 tonnes of potatoes per hour.

With processors always looking for improved technology on potato intake lines washing has made big strides forward to accommodate today’s strict requirements.

At Haith we take the view that we must offer all our customers an industrial built system which will provide reliability, excellent washing along with foreign particle removal to meet the demands of today's market.

The latest washer in our range can offer all this in one complete system, with its robust design, integral stone separation system on the infeed of the barrel, automatic sludge and waste removal with floating waste system on out feed of the barrel for removal of hollow heart potatoes, wood, plastic or any other foreign material.

We designed a unique shaft sealing system which allows us to mounted all the bearings externally which makes them easily accessible for servicing and gives extended life unlike other machines on the market where bearings are running under water.
The automated sludge removal system is very effective for keeping the water usage to a minimum and containing the waste,the control system has a HMI touch screen which enables the operator to make adjustment and control the whole system from one point.

The new Haith system offers the end user a cost effective, robust, compact and reliable solution for potato processing intake lines.