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Tummers: New Zic-Zac brush peels even more efficiently

Hein Kortebos, Ronald Dekker and Dustin-Dwight Verhagen with the Zic-Zac brushing technique.

In 2004, Tummers Food Processing introduced the Zic-Zac brushing technique for brushing potatoes and tuberous plants after steam peeling.

This industrial machine and the brushing technique were developed and patented in-house by Tummers Food Processing Solutions.

At Interpom Primeurs, the company introduced a new version with a softer food grade brush which limits skin loss even further.

Ronald Dekker, Tummers:

“This Zic-Zac technique, which leads the steamed potatoes vertically along the moving brush rolls, is a leading innovation in peeling techniques of the last 30 years, and is applied by many leading chip factories.”

“Extensive tests have shown that by using a softer brush, we are handling the product even better. An additional advantage is that the brushes last longer.”

“Peeling is always about the balance between removing the skin and keeping the potato.”

“You understand that, if you could decrease this by even half a per cent, it would be very profitable for factories. We have therefore already had some requests for quotations at the fair.”