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Tummers washing equipment handles potatoes real gentle...

Tummers Food Processing Solutions washing line for specialty potatoes.

How potatoes are treated during the washing process is crucial for the fresh pack industry and particularly when it concerns small and fragile specialty products.

Tummers is known for its high capacity and accurate destoning and washing equipment, which are commonly used in the potato processing factories. Mainly focusing from our side on technical improvement to guarantee 24 /7 working environment without unforeseen downtime during the production hours.

It is generally thought that industrial washers are too rough on the product and can cause bruising and damage of the potatoes, Tummers has proven the opposite!

Tummers Marketing Manager Dustin-Dwight Verhagen explains how they did that:

"Based on our ongoing research in optimizing the quality within the processing area, Tummers felt the need to also investigate what the impact is of our equipment on the potato. During the recent years we have gathered a lot of data about the impact on the potato within these large washing lines."

"We used a potato-dummy with a mobile data-logger inside its housing. This way we could see where the handling is critical and needed to improve. We tested on several production sites to get the complete picture under different circumstances, because the demands of specialty potatoes are different to the industrial market."

"These tests gave us a clear view on the process and handling of potatoes in our equipment."

"Based on this analysis we made some minor adjustments to fulfil the needs in the Fresh pack industry."

"With these modifications we are able to provide an optimal solution to the customers in the fresh pack industry."

"This resulted in our latest washing line, delivered to a major Fresh pack supplier in France for very fragile and small delicacy potato called “La Ratte”. These potatoes have a diameter of ø10mm up ø70 mm."


Specialty potato variety "La Ratte". These (fingerling) potatoes have a diameter of ø10mm up ø70 mm.

Dustin-Dwight Verhagen continues:




"The washing line is using our standard type of destoning washing and drying equipment with small optimisations and a special focus on gentle fall movement."

"Transport with water flumes and minimizing transfers to different steps in the line, but superb quality on destoning, washing inspection and drying."

"If you want to know more please contact Tummers and we are happy to give you the best advice and when needed we can organise a reference visit to one our washing lines that is connecting to your demands and show you one of the 300 machines delivered in washing!"

"Together we will come to the best result needed for any market, whether that be agricultural, fresh pack or industrial!"