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Potato field in bloom in the Netherland, with windmill in the background

Potato field in bloom of Bijl Aardappelen BV , Sint-Annaland in the Netherlands (Courtesy: Pinterest)

The pressure on the Dutch table potato market is increasing, according to Kees Bijl from the potato trading, sorting and packing company Bijl Aardappelen in Sint-Annaland.

Kees Bijl:

“Unfortunately, the fact is that sales of table potatoes have decreased in recent years. This causes considerable pressure on the Dutch retail market.”

“If this trend continues, there would be quite a bit of overcapacity.”

Yet Kees isn’t dissatisfied with current sales.

Kees Bijl:

“We’re doing fairly well. Especially potatoes for domestic retail; wholesale and market trade is going well.”

“Holidays are mostly over now, and it isn’t too warm, which is favourable for the consumption of potatoes. However, during this period we always see that the market becomes slightly pressured due to the direct supply.”

“In the past two weeks, there was considerable export to Africa in particular, but this week, export is a bit less.”

“This year’s harvest will be about average. The consequences of the dry and warm spring are seen on the fields. It will not be a net record yield, but quality is good.”

“Unfortunately, the good Western European harvest causes a mediocre mood in the chips industry, which is reflected in the low prices.”

“For that matter, we have seen demand for fresh, large potatoes suitable for chips gaining ground from the catering industry compared to industrial. We can easily hitch a ride with our large Frieslanders or Agrias, for example.”

Kees thinks the Phytophtera-resistant potato varieties introduced this week is a good development.

Kees Bijl:

“I applaud it. Hopefully it will be the start of an era with less pressure from diseases on potatoes.”

“This development is definitely not over. I think it will be especially interesting for the organic cultivation at first.”