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Mooij Agro builds potato storage with humidification for Lamb Weston Grower in Germany

View of the full bulk potato storage on top of the potato pile, where the weight loss is monitored by means of a Mooij Weight Watcher.

Potato Storage Specialist Mooij Agro announced that they have built a potato storage for a Lamb Weston potato grower in Titz, Germany.

The Lieven family farm specializes in long-term storage of potatoes. Since 2005, they have been growing Challenger, Innovator, Markies and Fontane for Lamb Weston. In total, about 11,000 tonnes of potatoes are stored at Lieven's company.

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Thomas Lieven presents the potato growing operation including the new potato storage.
(In German with English subtitles)

Mooij Agro has supplied the storage for drying and storing potatoes in 2 cells, each for 2,150 tons. The storage is equipped with 20 of Mooij Agro's EC fans, so 4 kW power is available.

The amount of air is controlled by the Croptimiz-r storage computer, the storage computer from Mooij Agro. The Croptimiz-r has a simple touchscreen control via a personalized 3D storage overview. Different settings are individually adjustable for outside air, circulating air, CO2, etc.

Mooij Agro has installed a humidifiying pad in one of the two cells. The pads are constantly moistened and the air is passed through these pads. The humidity in the cell is thereby increased and the storage losses are minimized.

In the upcoming storage period it is possible to make a comparison between the two cells, that is, between the humidified and non-humidified potatoes. During the storage period, the weight loss in the two cells is monitored by means of a Mooij Weight Watcher.

Basic set-up of the Mooij Weight Watcher