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  • Paturpat selected TOMRA's Orbit steam peeler for the production of their Depatata steamed potatoes
Manufacturer of steamed potatoes Paturpat picked TOMRA's Orbit steam peeler

Iratxe Arce, Production Manager at Paturpat next to their Orbit Steam Peeler

Paturpat, a Spanish company specialised in processing and marketing steamed potatoes, has opted for a TOMRA Food Orbit steam peeler.

Paturpat has selected the TOMRA Orbit 250l model, because it offers high performance for their specific application: the production and subsequent sale of steamed potatoes, which are sold vacuum-packed in different cuts (for salads, whole peeled, etc.).

By steaming the potatoes, Paturpat creates a product that can be consumed in different ways, while preserving the maximum of its natural quality and nutritional value.

Some of Paturpat vacuum-packed ready to eat potato products

Pedro García, Sales Engineer at Luciano Aguilar S.A., a distributor of TOMRA machines on the Spanish vegetable market:

“Some time ago Paturpat contacted us and told us about their project.”

“We provided them with several options, took them to see other factories that are similar to theirs and we performed demonstrations of the machine.”

“Thus, they decided to go for the Orbit. They opted for the 250 litres version, appropriate to their production.”

Efficient Technology

All Orbit peelers includes an ultra-fast vessel decompression system. This system is one of the key features to achieve superior peeling performance.

With less steam, Orbit peelers guarantee maximum quality of the peeled product. It has been shown that the Orbit range achieves good peeling results starting at 9-10 bars of steam pressure, where other machines do not get similar results below 12 bars.

Did you know?

Did you know that steam peelers are not only used to peel potatoes, but for a wide range of other products as well?

TOMRA's Orbit steam peeler can also be used for:

  • Almonds
  • Apples
  • Carrots
  • Peppers
  • Peach
  • Pears
  • Sweet potatoes
  • And many, many more ...
Other key features of the Orbit technology are its geometry and peeling vessel rotational speed, specifially designed to avoid steam condensate on the inside. This prevents cooking of the product.

Iratxe Arce, Production Manager at Paturpat:

“The Orbit 250l peeler allows to adjust times and steam so that the peeling is done without the cooking effect, which is limited to the next step.”

“This advantage is very important to us because, after having completed several R&D studies, we did not want to start the cooking process of the potatoes in the peeling zone.”

“And of the various options that we explored, it was TOMRA that offered us this advantage.”

Potato infeed

Iratxe Arce:

“The Orbit peeler minimises the cooking effect on the potato during the peeling process, which is limited to the outer 2-3 mm of the potato surface crown. In contrast, other solutions in the market cause a cooking of 10 mm or more of the potato surface.”

“This surface cooking is an undesired effect, because even when the potato is blanched in later stages of the process, the final product will be more irregular and heterogeneous in texture between layers, lowering its quality.”

“All this is possible because we achieve the best peeling quality with the lowest steam pressure and the shortest cycle and without generating condensates in the peeling vessel.”
The Orbit machines contain a complete sensor system that provides information to the control system. This system regulates and optimises the functioning of the machine based on two basic parameters: the desired line capacity and the time the product stays in the vessel.

And that is the main goal of the Orbit series: increasing effiency. In other words, achieving maximum quality and yield with the lowest operational cost possible.

Wide range, lower cost

TOMRA offers its customers vessels with a wide range of different capacities so they can be tailored to different production needs. If the vessel is larger than necessary, everything that is not product is steam, which requires more pressure to eject.

Pedro García:

“Adjusting the vessel volume to the product quantity is important, both for the effiency of the process and to minimise costs.”

“This is one of the areas where TOMRA makes the difference. Its machines allow for fast steam removal, because customers can choose the vessel capacity according to their production.”

“By choosing the appropriate [size] vessel, helps us to minimise steam consumption according to the capacity for which the line is designed, which maximises the yield and consequently also the line efficiency.”
Other characteristics that should be highlighted are its durability and easy maintenance. In addition, it is designed so that the product is not damaged in any way that would adversely affect its quality, handling the food product with care during the peeling process.

Experience and Knowledge

All these advantages have made the Orbit the perfect answer to Paturpat’s requirements.

Pedro García:

“TOMRA offers accurate solutions to the customer’s needs.”

“The high level of knowledge of the company’s experts allows them to find the optimal solution, both because of their staffs experience and because of the wide range of options and configurations they offer.”
Iratxe Arce:

“The variety of TOMRA products / offerings provides an integral solution for the industry and real solutions for the actual demands of the market.”

“I would also like to stress the confience generated by their knowledge of the food sector. I certainly recommend their machines.”