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  • Pringles Thanksgiving dinner chips (turkey, stuffing and pumpkin pie flavoured) sell out in no time
Pringles Thanksgiving dinner chips (turkey, stuffing and pumpkin pie flavoured) sell out in no time

Last Thanksgiving, Pringles® launched the Pringles Thanksgiving Dinner. This year, Pringles brought back the favorites from last year. Unfortunately supplies were (too) limited. They were all sold out after only 41 minutes.

Last Thanksgiving, Pringles® showed the world they deserve a seat at the table when they launched the Pringles Thanksgiving Dinner.

Last years offering was a pilot taste test and gave a lucky few the chance to taste eight new innovative, Thanksgiving-inspired flavors.

This year, Pringles is upping the ante and giving fans a chance to get their hands on a can (or three) of favorites from last year's lineup: Turkey, Stuffing, and Pumpkin Pie.

For sale online in the Kellogg's Store this year, but unfortunately the supply was again (far too) limited: they were all sold out in about 41 minutes, according to Detroit free press.

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Pringles Thanksgiving Dinner 2017

Pringles, known for their insanely accurate and innovative flavors, is offering three delicious Thanksgiving tastes to select consumers nationwide.

Turkey Pringles are a take on the traditional oven roasted turkey flavor, which instantly became one of last year's favorites.

Stuffing is just like the herb-y side dish that you always seem to pile high on your dinner plate. Last, and by no means least, Pumpkin Pie is sweet and spiced just like your grandma's recipe.

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Pringles Thanksgiving Dinner Pilot in 2017 included 8 flavours

From the Friendsgiving spread, to hostess gifts, to your celebrated family potluck, Pringles Thanksgiving Crisps are perfect for all your holiday social events.

Yuvraj Arora, senior vice president of marketing for Kellogg's U.S. Snacks division:

“When we launched Pringles Thanksgiving Dinner last year, it was so exciting to see Pringles fans' positive reactions celebrating how insanely accurate the flavors were.”

“We knew that we had to get Pringles Thanksgiving flavors in more people's hands this year—particularly hearing that Turkey, Stuffing and Pumpkin Pie not only were delicious, but truly tasted like the real deal.”

This year Pringles is giving fans a chance to get their hands on a can of the favorites from last year’s lineup: Turkey, Stuffing, and Pumpkin Pie.

Designed, sealed and delivered to mimic the canned goods in your pantry around the holidays, Pringles Thanksgiving Crisps come in mini Pringles cans. Feel free to stack them, snack them, and share with friends (but only people on the "nice" list).

Beginning November 6 at 11:59 pm EST, consumers can purchase a 3-pack of Pringles Thanksgiving crisps for $14.99 at https://www.kelloggstore.com/pringles-thanksgiving-in-a-can.

Supplies are limited and are on a first-come, first-serve basis.

In fact, supplies were (too) limited. They reportedly sold out in 41 minutes according to the Detroit free press.

Either way, with or without a can of Pringles Thanksgiving Dinner chips on the table, PotatoPro wishes all of the US Happy season's eatings!