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Family-Owned Potato Chip Brand 'Symphony' Celebrates 3 Years in Business

Family-Owned Potato Chip Brand Celebrates 3 Years in Business

The Anderson family, founders of Symphony Potato Chips. (Courtesy: Black News)

May 20, 2019
The road to entrepreneurship is a long one, but once there, the ability to maintain can be just as hard if not harder. The Anderson family, founders of Symphony Chips, pride themselves on working together to sustain their business and continue their growth.

Dondre Anderson and his two daughters, Amina and Amari, have gone through several obstacles to get to where they are today.

The largest obstacles they’ve had to overcome were first packaging, then supply chain and finally marketing. Their packaging issue was both the look and then finding the right company to produce their very vibrate and alluring potato chip bags.

Next was stabilizing their supply chain. When entering the market with a new product, statistically most new companies fail due to either lack of supply chain beyond them or lack of supply chain stabilization.

Even though this family boasts of having the world’s only gourmet seasoned potato chip, they also have a multiple tier supply chain that the father oversees.

Lastly is their marketing component. This component which takes the combined effort of both daughters to manage. Amina, who is seeking a carrier in film, helps with their video production and video editing for their content creation. Amari helps by overseeing their social media.
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Symphony Chips is a black-owned and family operated potato chips manufacturer based in Atlanta, Georgia (US).