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Tasmanian McCain potato growers gain price increase

Potato growers for McCain Foods in Tasmania gain price increase.

A long-awaited price increase has come for the state's McCain potato growers.

Grower Beau Gooch said the AU$33 per tonne increase would help put profitability back in the paddock.

Grower Beau Gooch:

“It's the biggest price rise we have had for a lot of years. It's going to make a lot of difference.”

“The price rises we have had the last few years haven't even really kept up with CPI. We have had small pay rises, but none of them really stayed in the farmer's pockets, we are hoping that this one rectifies that.”

“We worked our way up. It was tedious, but you know, it is a negotiation, that's what happens... we were pleased that McCain actually sat down and negotiated because in the past they haven't done that.”

“We got organised and got our collective bargaining through the TFGA and put a committee together and approached them.”

“It gives growers the confidence that we can invest money to become more productive. We are hoping that those investments help keep the price stable from here on in.”

“Without us all having one common goal together, we are nothing. It was very important that we had backing from growers.”
He said the price increase would be enough to boost spirits. Mr Gooch said it was 'extremely important' that the McCain growers were all on the same side.

Last year the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission investigated McCain over allegations of unconscionable conduct towards growers.

McCain Foods spokesperson:

“We're very pleased to have come to agreement again this year.”