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  • Irish Farm Opens Contactless Drive-thru Potato Service to Help Combat Coronavirus Lockdown
Irish farm opens contactless drive-thru potato service to help combat coronavirus lockdown

An Irish farm has found an innovative way to keep Ireland fed during the coronavirus pandemic: a contactless drive-through potato service.

Ballymakenny Farm, near Drogheda, Co. Louth, is best known for supplying top quality spuds to bars and restaurants across Ireland.

However, with the country in the grip of a pandemic and eateries all over the country closed while everyone is required to remain indoors, Ballymakenny Farm was forced to rethink its business model.

The result is the Ballymakenny Farm Spudshack, a brand-new service aiming to keep the Irish public well-fed during these trying times.

With potatoes an enduringly staple of many a mealtime and versatile in the extreme, demand for spuds of every shape and size remains high.

And with supermarkets proving busy and potatoes a particular popular purchase, services like the Ballymakenny Farm Spudshack are welcome to say the least.

Ballymakenny Farm Spudshack

These are no ordinary spuds either, with the farm famous for its range of heritage potatoes including Violetta, Rag Emmalie, Pink Fir Apple and the exotic sounding Mayan Gold.

Best of all, the new drive -through service is completely contactless, with customers invited to drive up to the spud shack on Ballymakeeny Farm where they can pick up some spuds without having to even leave their vehicles.

Alternatively, the farm is also offering to deliver potatoes, making them the ideal purchase for a loved one who might not be able to get to the shops themselves.

The efforts of Ballymakenny Farm are just the latest example of Irish businesses getting creative in order to keep the public fed and watered during this trying times.