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Launch of the New Nedato Product Line at Fruit Logistica

Launch of the New Nedato Product Line at Fruit Logistica

In the past year, Nedato has worked hard on the new strategic direction where growth is paramount in all segments. For example, Nedato is launching a new product line under its own name during Fruit Logistica.

The new packaging line, which came into use at the end of last year, is fully in line with this.


It is Nedato's mission to sell potato products, at a fair prices with the best support and advice for customers and growers. The connection and cooperation with its own growers group is the strength and basis of Nedato.

Carel van Buchem, general manager of Nedato in Oud-Beijerland, the Netherlands:

“The potato market offers a number of good opportunities for our growers and for Nedato in general.”

“Not least because the potato is tasty, healthy and sustainable. We must make even more use of this as a company but also as a sector. We can achieve more through cooperation in the potato sector.”

Growth in AVI and broadened product package

Nedato has been bundling the French fries potatoes for years to create more value for the affiliated growers. Strengthening the current fries position in supplying the growing potato processing industry is therefore an important part of the strategy.

Carel van Buchem:



“In addition, we focus more on other, especially smaller, packages of unprocessed potatoes and the expansion of our product range. After all, the growth in the market is in the smaller packages and the processed potato segment.”

Realisation power

Nedato has a clear mission and ambition. In 10 years, Nedato will be the partner for long-term cooperation between customer and grower, with the best quality fresh potatoes and the latest product developments & sales - marketing support guaranteed. In order to realise all these changes, the realisation power of the organisation has greatly improved in last year.

There is more attention for the development of staff and the improvement of all job processes. Key words here are quality, creativity and result-oriented .



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