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AsiaOne: 'We tried McDonald's new Mala McShaker fries and it's addictively good'

AsiaOne: 'We tried McDonald's new Mala McShaker fries and it's addictively good'

Singapore’s love affair with mala continues on it seems. Mala xiang guo stores can be found in nearly every major hawker centre, new snacks that are mala-flavoured continue to pop up and of course, mala cup noodles. After seaweed, french onion, cheese and truffle renditions, which have all received varied public response, there is now a mala version of McShaker fries.

McDonald’s also isn’t the first fast-food chain in Singapore to introduce a mala-flavoured menu item. KFC had mala fried chicken, while Burger King had a mala burger.

Mala McShaker fries (courtesy: AsiaOne)

Mala McShaker fries (courtesy: AsiaOne)

So how does McDonald’s take on the mala trend taste?

AsiaOne reporter, Seow Kai Lun, claims it's surprisingly good, though fans of the tongue-numbing effect, typically found in mala, might be disappointed.

Seow Kai Lun:
"Our order of Mala McShaker fries comes with a large portion of fries, a paper bag to shake the spice so that it’ll coat your fries evenly and a black, deadly-looking spice packet, with chilli and peppercorns drawn on it to remind you of what you’re flavouring your fries with. The spice is really pungent though. Once we started shaking, the smell of mala permeated the room, to the disgust of my non-mala loving friends."

"Taste-wise, it’s spicy and palatable. I personally am not a fan of the tongue-numbing effect that mala has, so this was perfect. And it’s not unbearably spicy either. A friend who usually gets the wei la (lowest level of spice) option when we have mala xiang guo manages to down a number of fries."

"And before we know it, the entire pack of fries is gone. That should be testament to a decent pack of fries, especially since we just had lunch before having the fries."
The Mala McShaker fries cost $3.50 ala carte or $0.70 more, if you are upgrading the fries in your extra value meal, and it's available in-store or via delivery.