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Potato Processor Lamb Weston's British Chip (Fries) 'The Dukes of Chippingdom'

Lamb Weston: Accolade for the proper British chip that's a cut above the rest!

Potato Processor Lamb Weston's British Chip (Fries) 'The Dukes of Chippingdom', has picked up the Silver Award for the Best New Side of Plate/Ingredient Foodservice Product in the 2020 – 2021 British Frozen Awards.

The Dukes of Chippingdom are Proper British Chips. Distinctively natural, gloriously golden, royally rustic, thick-cut chips – made from 100% British potatoes, they are more British than a British bulldog in a Union Jack waistcoat!

Recently launched, The Dukes of Chippingdom have already earned their place in the Craft Guild of Chefs highly esteemed Product Endorsement gallery, with an above-average rating.

Irregularly cut, with feathered, golden edges, they are beautifully crispy on the outside – even though they're non-coated – fluffy on the inside. Available with skin-off and skin-on, they are gluten-free, Red Tractor certified and totally vegan.

These are like no ordinary chips; they are the ultimate quintessentially British menu item with a proud and distinguished British heritage, 100% satisfaction guaranteed. No wonder the British started queueing!

BFFF judging panels:
“Congratulations to the The Dukes of Chippingdom from Lamb Weston. This is an excellent chip, with great flavor and texture. It looks great, and has a good back story that is lots of fun.”
Andrea Deutschmanek, International Marketing Lead Northern Europe, Lamb Weston:
“This is great for the team and something they can be truly proud of; all their hard work and devotion to the cause has paid off. We've once again been recognized for succeeding in the creation of not only an exciting, versatile, top-quality product but one that is designed to ensure increased success for our customers with a fun-packed brand. The Dukes of Chippingdom is a top example!”
Innovative to the core, Lamb Weston is a world-leading brand in high-quality potato products and is sold in over 100 countries around the world. Their passion, commitment, and experience mean they deliver consistent quality, turning potatoes into versatile and hard-working products for catering operators.