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tna solutions launches tna remote assist service at SNAXPO

tna solutions launches tna remote assist service at SNAXPO.

Global food processing and packaging technology specialist, tna, is pleased to announce the launch of its new tna remote assist service: a digitally enhanced customer experience, delivering greater efficiencies in commissioning, support and training, with real-time access to tna’s global team of experts.

Harnessing the power of the Microsoft HoloLens 2 headset, the tna remote assist service enables real-time access to connect and collaborate with tna engineers virtually and leverages AR (augmented reality) to accurately address technical queries.

The new digital service has been developed as part of tna’s endeavours to offer innovative solutions to address food producers’ needs. It also takes into account recent concerns surrounding travel restrictions and the health and safety of both on-site staff and visiting tna technicians.

tna see what you see

tna remote assist leverages augmented reality to allow project managers and engineers to contact a tna expert and share what they see in real-time using the latest HoloLens 2 headset. During the equipment commissioning stage, this means tna experts can view the proposed production site and provide tailored advice on the most appropriate solution to meet their requirements.

With this convenient, easy-to-use service, companies no longer need to wait for on-the-ground commissioning visits to confirm that a food processing or packaging solution is suitable for their operation, streamlining the commissioning process and avoiding the risk of any potential delays caused by geographical constraints.

Rapidly resolve technical issues

Following equipment delivery, the tna remote assist service enables technicians to virtually guide the engineers through the installation, training or troubleshooting process, using AR to indicate precisely what actions to take.

The result is fast, efficient, highly-accurate support, and it allows customers to connect directly to the relevant tna expert for specific servicing enquiries.

Alf Taylor, Managing Director and CEO at tna:
"Giving customers the option to schedule calls on-demand from anywhere in the world, the tna remote assist service ensures all project scoping and servicing activities can be conducted precisely when needed, reducing downtime for a more resilient and profitable production line."

"This means faster, stress-free equipment purchasing, easier installation, increased uptime and valuable savings in maintenance costs and resources for years to come."
Beyond problem-solving

The digital, on-demand nature of tna’s remote assist service allows vital repairs to be conducted remotely, while also giving isolated sites access to industry-leading training and testing, including streamlined site and factory acceptance tests.

Alf Taylor:
"The new tool opens up a whole host of innovative possibilities for the post-pandemic world. It enables improved communication between teams working across different locations and time zones, significantly reducing the costs associated with physically sending technicians between sites and most importantly, ensures their safety."