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Crispy Green launches innovative new snack line - Pina Picante!

Pina Picante Chili Lime

Crispy Green is proud to announce the newest member to its brand family— Piña Picante! Remaining true to the company's core niche of providing produce-based, shelf-stable packaged snacks made with clean, simple ingredients, Piña Picante is a new line of dried pineapple snacks with a flavorful twist.
Pina Picante Chili Lime Up Close

Pina Picante Chili Lime Up Close

What is Piña Picante?

Piña Picante starts with premium pineapple from Costa Rica and is infused with unique blends of spices before drying. Their first flavor, Chili Lime, is infused with the perfect combination of cayenne peppers and zesty lime with a hint of sea salt.

Just like the Crispy Fruit freeze-dried fruit snack line, Piña Picante is a better-for-you snack made with simple clean ingredients and contains no sugar added. Unlike Crispy Fruit, however, Piña Picante is air-dried, with a chewy consistency, and every bite delivers distinctive flavorful sensations.

How was Piña Picante Developed?

In the works for over two years, this new line is a labor of love by company Founder and CEO, Angela Liu, who has spent countless hours in her kitchen combining just the right ingredients to produce a truly innovative snack line.

Although running a successful company for over 16 years, developing new products has always been a passion for Ms. Liu.

Angela Liu, Founder, and CEO of Crispy Green:
"Pineapple is one of my favorite fruits. Growing up in southern China, I was taught to dip pineapple in saltwater before eating it, which would help to reduce the stinging sensation it has on the tongue, also makes the pineapple feel sweeter. The sweet and sour taste of pineapple blends very well with savory flavors."
As an avid traveler and food enthusiast, she was inspired by the Latin culture that serves fresh fruits with salt, lime juice, and spicy peppers. Although there are some current dried fruit products in the marketplace that include these flavors, most are coated with seasonings.

Angela Liu:
"I wanted to create a dried fruit product that is fun to eat and offers a balanced flavor that permeates throughout each bite for a consistent snacking experience."
Who is Piña Picante For?

As the name suggested, Piña Picante is not for everyone because of its bold and spicy flavors. The first flavor, Chili Lime, carries quite a bit of "heat". If you like spicy, you will LOVE it! Their internal testing, Chili Lime was a slam-dunk in terms of the overall taste.

They also surveyed a random group of college students (Gen Z), the feedback was overwhelmingly positive. If you don't care for spicy, don't worry - our next flavor, Ginger Lime, will soon be released. This flavor does not contain chili and they are confident that it will appeal to those who prefer less heat.

Where can you buy Piña Picante?

Piña Picante Chili Lime is now available to purchase directly on the Crispy Green online store and on Amazon, with the plan to add Ginger Lime in the next few months. You can take advantage of a free shipping offer on orders of 10 bags at USD 29.99 with promo code: picante21. The product line will be offered to retailers and other online outlets later this year.

The team is extremely optimistic about the success of this product line, as they have all been involved to some level in the tasting process and final product offering. In fact, during the product development phase, samples had to be moved to a secure location, as they would mysteriously disappear!

Angela Liu:
"If the Crispy Green team behavior is any indication of the success of this product, we definitely have a winner! We're currently working on a third flavor, and early indications from the team are extremely positive!"