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Long Chips, the new giant potato snacks from Oroyes.
Long Chips, the new giant potato snacks from Oroyes.
Oroyes has launched Long Chips Potatoes on the market, a crispy 19 cm long appetizer "ideal for dipping" without palm oil that promises "an innovative snacking experience".

A range that the company will promote with new flavors and different formats. In addition, the company presents the Croco brand snacks that also include salty bows, baked cookies or crackers and salty sticks, the new Crackers Top, in its Sal and Big varieties, and a snack called Puffuletti.

The Oroyes, a company that imports a wide variety of products from different food sectors, has launched Potatoes Long Chips on the national market, a crunchy snack "ideal for dipping", without palm oil, 19 cm long and 4 cm wide that promises an innovative and different snacking experience for all ages.

The Long Chips Potatoes are ideal for any time of the day and for any occasion, they say from Oroyes.

A line that offers different flavors such as the Original Recipe, Paprika , Sour cream&onion and Chili plus veggie options, flavored with Spinach, Basil and Paprika.

Although the company has announced new launches of this reference soon.

"We want to continue incorporating flavors of this appetizer into our catalog because there is a wide variety and sizes."
In the appetizers category, Oroyes also includes Croco brand snacks in its portfolio, among which you can find salty bows or pretzels, baked cookies or crackers and salty sticks.

This year, the Croco range has presented novelties in the crackers segment with the Crackers Top, in its varieties Salt and Big, and a snack called Puffuletti.

Oroyes Products

The origins of Oroyes

Oroyes has been working in the representation, distribution and importation since 2013, although its beginnings were different.

Its origin dates back to 2008, when, with a clear commercial vision, it was born in Oropesa del Mar (Castellón), with the aim of expanding throughout the Levante area.

In its beginnings, the company focused on vending and ethnic products due to the strong demand in those years.

However, not long after, it was when he decided to expand his range of products and offer a close service to small local businesses.

Thus, little by little it was introduced throughout the province, covering most of the municipalities of Castellón.

"In Oroyes we carry out the commercial and representation work of the best brands in the market within the Levante area (Castellón, Valencia and Alicante)."

"We select the best gourmet products from national and international manufacturers."
Already in 2013, it takes its first steps in the world of imports and, after some negotiations in Romania, Oroyes becomes an importing company in the country and, in 2014, begins to work with products from Italy, thus starting its expansion across the European territory.

Currently, it works with Grupo Lacasa brands such as Dulcinea, Lacasitos, Conguitos and Mentolín, in addition to the aforementioned Croco, among other brands.

Expectations for 2022

As a result of the close service offered by the company, Oreyes has billed more than 4 million euros and has grown 40% in the snack market in 2021.

A very positive balance of the last year, in which they have fulfilled the objectives more than, growing by 25%.

With the proposed goals for 2021 surpassed, Oreyes focuses on maintaining billing levels and the pace of growth. To this end, its latest investments have been aimed at the acquisition of a warehouse, where the offices are also located, a new fleet of vans and a truck.

In addition, the company wants to promote "digitalization internally with our management programs such as on the website", they conclude from Oroyes.