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Interpom 2022 Select (Dewulf)

Potato sector gets together en masse for record-breaking edition of Interpom attracting 20,254 visitors.

December 02, 2022
Over the past few days, a large number of people involved in the potato sector attended this record-breaking edition of Interpom held in Kortrijk Xpo (B). The atmosphere was very positive, despite the many challenges facing the sector at the moment. Fertiliser policy, crop protection, nature restoration, nitrogen...

These were all topics that were discussed at length in the aisles of the fair. However, concerns about the future were somewhat alleviated by the improved contractual relationship between processors and growers.

This clearly shows how, when times are tough, the sector manages to stick together and send out a strong signal that the potato sector, which is the true flagship of the Flemish agri-food industry, has no intention of giving up its unique position.

Potato community proves its resilience

Interpom is much more than just a trade show; it is a vibrant international community that proved its resilience more than ever in this latest edition. On the exhibitor side of the event, the fair was fully booked, with 323 exhibitors from 15 countries.

Thanks to its highly relevant theme 'Towards healthy growth', Interpom also achieved a record attendance, with 20,254 visitors (8,356 on Sunday, 7,007 on Monday – a particularly busy day – and 4,891 on Tuesday).

After last year's special edition, which was held in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, Interpom was once again able to welcome many foreign guests: 31.8% of all visitors came from abroad (54 countries!), with particularly high attendance levels achieved by the Netherlands (15.5%) and France (12.4%).

But there were also visitors from Egypt, North America, South Africa and Eastern Europe, proving that, wherever they come from, the professionals who are truly committed to the potato industry all end up in Kortrijk, right in the heart of Western Europe's potato country.

Interpom 2022

Once again, the unique concept of Interpom , where all the links in the potato chain are represented under one roof, was able to provide real added value. The innovative character of the trade fair also seems to gain in importance with each new edition.

The agricultural sector in general and potato cultivation in particular are currently facing a major shift towards sustainability. And in this context, Interpom is fulfilling its role as a business platform for the sector by offering many solutions and answers to this evolution.

Early discussions with exhibitors have already revealed not only a high level of satisfaction with this latest event, but also that everyone is looking forward to the next edition in 2024.

Rewatching seminars

Through its seminars, Belgapom was able to focus on innovation and knowledge sharing. During the three days of the trade show, short sessions were held all day long and aroused great interest. These sessions covered a wide array of topics dealing with both innovations and challenges in the potato industry. All sessions were streamed and will be available for replay from 6 December.

Interpom 2022

Interpom 2024 – save the date!

After two editions in a row, Interpom is now back to its usual biennial schedule: the event will take place at the end of November in even years. Make a note of the dates of Interpom 2024 in your diary: 24, 25 and 26 November 2024 (in Kortrijk Xpo).
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