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RPE recognized for outstanding achievement in promoting renewable energy

All 2022 Green Power Leadership Award Winners.

October 03, 2022
The nonprofit Center for Resource Solutions (CRS) on Sept. 15 presented the 2022 Green Power Leadership Awards, awarding six organizations and one individual for their roles in promoting and expanding the use of clean, renewable energy.

The awards were presented during the Renewable Energy Markets 2022 conference in Minneapolis in the categories of Market Development, International Market Development, Leadership in Education and Leader of the Year.
The Team of RPE in Renewable Energy Conference in Minneapolis on September 15

The Team of RPE in Renewable Energy Conference in Minneapolis on September 15

RPE — which sells more than 1 billion pounds of potatoes annually and represents North American partner farms where every potato grown, packed, stored and sold is produced using renewable electricity — was one of four organizations honored in the Market Development category.

Jennifer Martin, executive director of CRS is co-presented of the annual awards with the United States Environmental Protection Agency.

Jennifer Martin:
"We’re proud to present awards to this year’s winners, who together represent a new focus on diversity and increasing energy access to underserved communities."

"By working toward increasing equity in the transition to clean energy, these year’s winners demonstrate that the opportunities and economic advantages of the clean energy revolution will benefit everyone."
The EPA recognized three additional winners. Examiners of the many applications noted how RPE — with its partnership business model, geographic diversity and selling relationships with many of the top U.S. retailers — is uniquely qualified to further develop the renewable energy market through procurement, innovation, strategy and impact.

RPE’s Tim Huffcutt, who accepted the award on the organization’s behalf, said Green Power Leadership Award sponsors were impressed with RPE’s commitment to building a more sustainable food system.

Tim Huffcutt:
"As the only produce entity in North America whose clean energy practices and claims are verified by Green-e®, our influence extends to our growing partners and customers across all segments."

"We support the renewable energy market by purchasing renewable energy credits, which sends a demand signal to the market, and by bringing a coalition of growers and other stakeholders together around shared greenhouse gas emissions goals."
Tim Huffcutt (right) accepting award on RPE's behalf

Tim Huffcutt (right) accepting award on RPE's behalf

RPE is the only fresh produce supplier that has its energy utilization practices verified by an independent, impartial 3rd party — Green-e®, the industry Gold Standard for certifying power and renewable energy certificate programs for businesses.

RPE’s sustainability leadership is concentrated around five pillars:
  • Habitat Restoration
  • Water conservation
  • Regenerative agriculture
  • Packaging solutions
  • Sustainable transport

RPE was well-represented at the GPLA awards luncheon in Minneapolis — with Rob Greenwood, Nick Brekken, Greg Zdroik, Jessica Congdon, Nate Knutson, Kelly Sopa, Tim Huffcutt and Russell Wysocki attending.

All 2022 Green Power Leadership Award Winners
  • East Bay Community Energy (EBCE)(Market Development)
  • Puget Sound Energy (PSE)(Market Development)
  • RPE, LLC (Market Development)
  • T-Mobile (Market Development)
  • I-REC Standard (International Market Development)
  • Silicon Valley Clean Energy (SVCE)(Leadership in Education)