Xiaoping Lu retires as Director of the International Potato Center-China Center (CCCAP)

Xiaoping Lu, their WPC International Advisor

Xiaoping Lu, Advisor at WPC International

November 03, 2022
The World Potato Congress Inc.'s Board of Directors Congratulates Mr. Xiaoping Lu, their WPC International Advisor, upon his retirement from the International Potato Center-China Center for Asia Pacific (CCCAP).

In 2011, Xiaoping was chosen to be the founding Director of CCCAP, which is a unique international center of CIP with objectives to improve potato and sweet potato value chains in China and Asia. Vice President Peter VanderZaag recalls the long process of legally establishing this first of its kind institution in China while he served as Board Chair of CIP.

Xiaoping, with his previous 30 years of work in International agricultural policy with the Ministry of Agriculture, capably lead the work of establishing and promoting the research and development work of CCCAP.

Peter Vander Zaag:
"WPC greatly benefited from his leadership in our work in China, through his guidance in holding the World Potato Congress in China in 2015 and through his leading of over 100 Chinese colleagues to the 2018 WPC congress in Cusco, Peru."
Philip Kear, Senior Scientist at CCCAP:
"Xiaoping was a wise and gentle mentor but an assertive leader of CCCAP."
The WPC looks forward to the continued contributions from Xiaoping as their International Advisor.
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