Extra early Primaline potatoes available in France.

Primaline potatoes 40x30 package

Primaline 40x30 package

March 25, 2023
One month ago, Prince de Bretagne started harvesting the extra early Primaline potatoes grown under shelter. The harvest will continue until the end of April, before the open field crops take over.

Prince de Bretagne's early potatoes under shelter are mainly produced in old greenhouses or plastic shelters (tomatoes, flowers...). Two varieties are grown: the Starlette and the Lady Christl, which were chosen for their culinary qualities and their earliness in the season. Harvesting and grading are done by hand by the producer.

250 tons are produced each year, which are then sold in cardboard boxes of 5 kg in 3 sizes. They are also offered in cool bags, especially in supermarkets. They can of course be found in shops around Brittany, on wholesale markets, at Rungis and anywhere else in France.

In order to meet the demand, the targeted harvest peak is around Easter, when this early French vegetable is considered a festive product.
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