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FAM Stumabo will showcase their latest cutting innovations in the vegetable and fruit industry at Fruit Logistica

FAM Stumabo will showcase their latest cutting innovations in the vegetable and fruit industry at Fruit Logistica

January 15, 2023

As the European leader in the field of industrial cutting machines, FAM Stumabo will be present to showcase their latest cutting innovations in the vegetable and fruit industry at Fruit Logistica (Berlin, Germany).

FAM focuses on developing industrial cutting machines for the food industry, by providing customers with the solutions they need for the cutting, slicing and dicing of vegetables, fruits, potatoes.

Over the past 60 years, they established long-lasting close cooperation with highly influential companies, customers, and partners. They are present in all continents, with customer experience centers, stocks, and service. A big contributing factor to their quality is the close partnership with their sister company Stumabo International, manufacturer of precision knives for the food industry.

FAM Stumabo will present the following machines in their stand:

  • FAM Centris 315
  • FAM Dorphy
  • FAM Flexis Optitec
  • FAM Lifis.2
  • FAM Tridis 240 HD
  • FAM Volantis

FAM Centris 315 is a compact shredder, designed for customers looking for perfect cut quality, long shelf life, flexibility and speed while minimizing costs and decreasing the amount of time to complete each job.

It offers perfect shredding and slicing on a wide range of round products such as tomatoes, radish, celeriac, cabbage, beetroot... and elongated products (at full length or pre-cut to determine the length of the shred) such as carrots, cucumbers, zucchini, ...

FAM Centris 315

FAM Dorphy is an entry-level dicer, combining the cut quality of the high-capacity dicers with ultimate flexibility keeping labour cost down while maximizing productivity.

It is ideally suited for dicing and strip cutting a wide range of softer fruits and vegetables in small to large cut sizes such as mango, apples, tomatoes, bell peppers, zucchini, ... but also hard type root vegetables such as carrots, turnip, celeriac, and other products such as beetroot, broccoli, cabbage, potatoes, ...

Three different machine executions are available: for conveyor feeding, for manual feeding with a lower infeed position and a Eurobin model for batch-feeding.

FAM Dorphy

FAM Flexis Optitec is a technically advanced flat-belt slicer that offers processors maximum flexibility, while setting the highest industry standard in terms of hygiene.

It is designed for low- to medium capacity slicing of fruit and vegetables up to a diameter of 120/150 mm (hard/leafy) and is capable of cutting slices, grating, shredding, dicing, and crinkle cut slices with an unparalleled ease of operation.

It’s the perfect flat-belt cutting solution for catering, food service, commercial kitchens, etc., who typically need to cut smaller batches of different produces, at the highest quality, allowing a quick and easy changeover between products.

Yet it also offers maximum flexibility for larger processors who want to cut a variety of specialty or seasonal products on the side of their main product stream.

FAM TridisTM 240 HD is the workhorse drum dicer in the range, designed for high volumes and continuous product flows, suitable for many different products, both hard and soft, such as carrots, turnip, celeriac, broccoli, onions, potatoes, mango, apples, pears, strawberries, and many more.

It has a capacity of up to 15,000 kg per hour, depending on the type of product, cut size, and shape. A wide range of cut sizes is available between 3 mm and 25 mm in dices, strips, flat, or crinkle shapes. Its advanced design incorporates a quick change-over of cutting tools thanks to the 'set and forget' principle.

FAM TridisTM 240 HD

FAM Lifis.2 is a high performing transversal V-belt slicer used for the perfect cutting of leafy vegetables and a wide variety of elongated vegetables.

It accepts products up to a size of 220 mm for compressible leafy type of vegetables, in particular all types of lettuce (romaine, radicchio, ...). It also easily handles firm products like celery, rhubarb, iceberg, cabbage heads, etc.

The variable frequency drives for both the slicing wheel and the conveyor belts offer a precise speed control and maximum flexibility for producing different cutting sizes. There are a variety of cutting tools available for more product differentiation (flat cut, crinkle cut, julienne, halving).

FAM Volantis is the latest V-belt slicer designed for the precision transverse slicing of a wide variety of elongated and oblong products such as green beans, carrots, zucchini, etc. up to a diameter of 160 mm.

Its 2-meter-long V-belt brings the product perfectly aligned and with optimal speed towards the slicing wheel. The machine accepts various cutting tools for more product differentiation, such as flat cut, crinkle cut, julienne cut, and halving of products. The highly efficient machine design results in low maintenance and easy accessibility for cleaning.

FAM Volantis

Meet FAM Stumabo in Hall 1.1 – Stand A41.
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