FAM Centris 315 centrifugal slicer

FAM Centris 315: The Best Choice for Perfect Cut Quality, Flexibility and Speed

The FAM Centris 315 is designed for small to mid-sized companies looking for perfect cut quality and speed while minimizing costs and decreasing the amount of time to complete each job.

The machine requires limited floor space and offers great flexibility in the different cuts with a variety of products. All are sliced or shredded very precisely and clean due to the unique cutting method and high-quality blades used. It is a precise slicer, with very little or no yield loss and an increased product shelf-life as a result.

The product can be cut into a variety of shapes. Both slices (flat cut, crinkle cut and V-shaped ) and strips ( V-shaped , oval, julienne and wide ribbon-cut ) are available on a wide range of products.

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Video impression of the FAM Centris 315

A patent pending cutting head technology guarantees a consistent slice and shred thickness throughout the slicing process. The unique design of the cutting head (*) will facilitate change of blades, handling and cleaning.

High Capacity Slicing

If high capacity slicing is what you are looking for, consider the FAM Centris 400P


FAM, OptiServe BV

Cutting machine for defect French fries. A shrewd cutting system which will increase output and reduce waste to a bare minimum. Discover what the Glide has to offer.

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FAM Tridis™ 240

FAM Tridis™ 240

FAM, FAM Stumabo USA, Inc.

FAM is proud to present the FAM Tridis™ 240 high capacity dicer - the top choice for (crinkle) french fry cutting.

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SureSet 16 cutting head

FAM SureSet 16 Cutting Head

FAM, FAM Stumabo USA, Inc.

The SureSet 16 Cutting Head is FAM's latest solution for high capacity slicing, such as in the production of potato chips

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