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FAM Centris™ 400P

FAM has developed the innovative Centris™ 400, a new high-capacity centrifugal slicer & shredder with a high-quality execution at an attractive price.

It is particularly designed for companies looking for perfect cut quality, long shelf-life, flexibility, speed and capacity. The Centris™ 400 offers a very economical operating cost. It is quick and easy in use and is equipped with a new, reliable and low-maintenance Direct Drive System.

The patent pending cutting head technology guarantees a consistent slice and shred thickness throughout the slicing process. Its unique design considerably facilitates the changing of blades, handling and cleaning.

All these innovations are part of the groundbreaking NECST™ concept - which stands for Next Evolution in Centrifugal Slicing Technology - developed by FAM and Stumabo.

The Centrifugal Slicing and Shredding Principle improved by FAM

A number of new patents and innovations lead to improved ways of centrifugal slicing and shredding. Here's how it works:
  • The product is fed through the in-feed chute and enters into the cutting compartments of the rotating impeller (*). There, it is held against the inner surface of the cutting head assembly (*) by centrifugal force.
  • The cutting head assembly (*) consists of 12 individual stationary cutting stations. Slices or shreds are produced as product passes each knife in a smooth and uninterrupted manner. Length is controlled by the input product size.
  • The cut product is collected through the central discharge.
  • The interchangeable cutting heads (*) offer flexibility in all cuts and shapes.
(*) patent pending impeller and patent pending cutting head assembly

SureSet 16 cutting head

The latest FAM SureSet 16 Cutting Head

FAM Centris™ 400P can be used with FAM's latest SureSet 16 cutting head
FAM Centris 400: The Best Choice for Capacity, Perfect Cut Quality, Flexibility and Speed:
  • FAM Centris™ 400 is the new reference for great cut quality in different shapes and sizes
  • The lightweight stainless steel cutting head (patent pending) radically improves centrifugal slicing and shredding
  • The Centris™ 400 is available as a stand-alone machine and can also be easily integrated in a production line
  • Food and operator safety is a priority for the FAM Centris™ 400
  • The Centris™ 400 is easy in maintenance and use, resulting in a very economic operating cost
  • No gearbox but a reliable and low-maintenance direct drive system that creates a totally new and better situation
  • The innovative NECST™ concept (Next Evolution in Centrifugal Slicing Technology) provides new answers to the key issues in the centrifugal slicing food processing
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Video impression of the FAM Centris 400 (no sound)

The FAM Centris 400P with Sureset 16 handles a capacity of 2000 kg potatoes per hour (cutting 1.3 mm slices). If a significant lower capacity is required, consider the FAM Centris 315P.

Machine Dimensions & Weight

Dimensions basic machine (LxWxH): 1 103,00 x 764 x 798 mm | 3ft 7.425" x 2ft 6.079" x 2ft 7.417"

Weight basic machine: 225 kg | 496 lbs


Power: 3,70 kW | 5 hp

Cut Shapes & Sizes

Cut shapes: Flat cut, Crinkle cut, V-cut, Gothic Arch, Julienne Shreds

Cut sizes: Slices from 0.8 mm | 1/32" up to 5 mm | 13/64" , 318V (1,80 mm | 5/64" ), 432V (2,50 mm | 3/32" ) and 538V (3,20 mm | 1/8" ) V-cut shreds and 2,40 mm | 3/32" , 4,80 mm | 3/16" , 9,60 mm | 0.378" , 19,05 mm | 3/4" julienne shreds

Capacity: Up to 4 000 kg | 8,818 lbs per hour