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FAM Tridis™ 240P

FAM Tridis™ 240P

The FAM Tridis™ 240P is a tridimensional dicer, designed for the very demanding French fry industry. Compared to other available cutting machines, the FAM Tridis™ 240P increases capacity by 10% to 40%. Perfecting the product flow has led to an excellent cut quality and yield, with less slivers and fines.

In close consultation with leading companies in the industry, the maintenance of the FAM Tridis™ 240P is completely optimized, including an easy cartridge system to replace the spindle bearings.

Perfect performance is made easy for operators by keeping the design of the FAM Tridis™ 240P simple and clear, for example, the Set & Forget™ technology for the circular knife spindle and the slicing guide makes fine-tuning the cutting tools an easy job.

  • Optimal product transit, with high passage speed, minimum path length and no obstructions, leads to ultimate cut quality.
  • Compared to other available cutting machines, the FAM Tridis™ 240P increases capacity by 10% to 40%.
  • Maintenance time reduced drastically by smart design and efficient auxiliary tools.
  • Improved hygiene through maximum accessibility and sanitary design.
  • Cutting tools can easily be replaced and adjusted thanks to a number of important Set & Forget™ features. Simplicity above all.

A wide variety of cutting tools make slicing, strip cutting and dicing possible with only one machine.

First a slicing knife produces slices at the selected thickness. Next, feedstars guide the product towards the cross-cut spindle that will make final the cut.

This set-up guarantees flawless quality:

  • square cross-section
  • no taper, nor slanted cut
  • maximum length of the fries

Machine Dimensions & Weight

Dimensions basic machine (LxWxH): 1 731,00 x 1 606,00 x 1 592,00 mm | 5ft 8.15" x 5ft 3.228" x 5ft 2.677"

Weight basic machine: 575 kg | 1,268 lbs


Power: 4 kW | 5.4 hp

Cut Shapes & Sizes

Cut shapes: Crinkle & flat slices, strips and dices

Cut sizes:

  • Flat slices: 1,60 mm | 1/16" - 25 mm | 63/64"
  • Crinkle slices: up to 25 mm | 63/64" .
  • Strip cuttting: circular knife cuts: 3 mm | 1/8" - 80 mm | 3.15" , crosscut knife cuts: 4 mm | 5/32" - 64 mm | 2.52" .
  • Dices: flat cut: 3 mm | 1/8" - 64 mm | 2.52" , crinkle cut: 7,10 mm | 0.28" - 16 mm | 0.63"

Capacity: 1 500,00 kg | 3,307 lbs per mm / per hour depending on the product and the cut size