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FAM SureSet 16P Cutting Head

FAM, a company entirely dedicated to cutting solutions for the food industry, has developed the innovative, patented FAM Centris™ product line to counter some of the key issues frequently encountered during the production of potato and vegetable chips.

Top of the line is the SureSet 16 cutting head, the result of extensive R&D and adjustments based on feedback by customers. Tested and in production since 2015, the SureSet 16 cutting head exists of 9 patented and patent pending technologies.

The FAM Centris™ product line for the centrifugal slicing of potato and vegetable chips has proven to result in better ROI and lower cost of ownership.

Better Quality, More Capacity

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The FAM Centris SureSet 16 Cutting Head delivers better quality and more capacity

The SureSet 16 cutting head has been tried and tested by FAM's customers since 2015. The results speak for themselves: by using our patented line, our test customers save money because they witness:
  • Up to 50% less scrap produced by slicing
  • Up to 30% less starch loss
  • Nearly no tapered slices
  • No thick cap ends
  • Reduced oil uptake
  • Reduced labor cost
  • Proven lifetime of 12-24 hours (for FAM's in-house produced quality knives)
  • 4 times more capacity than with the current system with 8 knives

Consistent and Stable

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The DualStage impeller allows two potatoes to be sliced simultaneously!

When you are slicing potato chips, the last thing you want to worry about is consistency. That's why FAM developed the SureSlice technology in the first place.

Next to the SureSet cutting heads the other key element of FAM's SureSlice technology is the DualStage impeller.

The DualStage impeller guarantees that quality is never compromised and assures knife stability without any need for adjustment while processing.

How does it work?
  • You set the SureSet dial on the cutting head to meet your thickness requirement. You can change this quickly as needed.
  • The DualStage impeller keeps the potato free of shifting at all times.
  • Added bonus: two potatoes can be sliced simultaneously, which increases the capacity without sacrificing quality.

All Shapes and Sizes

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In case the shape or size blade you are looking for is not yet available, FAM will make it for you!

The FAM Centris™ product range consists of an ever-expanding range of blades in all cutting shapes and sizes.

And in case the shape or size blade you are looking for is not yet available, FAM will make it for you!

Visit FAM at SNAXPO or Anuga FoodTec

What Customers Say

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Old Dutch Foods on FAM Centris™

One of the customers using the FAM Centris product line is Jorn Remmem, Director of Plant Operations and Engineering at Old Dutch Foods.

Jorn Remmem:
“For decades there have been no innovations in cutting technology for potato chips.”

“The solutions offered by FAM were as a breath of fresh air. We are still impressed with the difference in both quality and performance.”

“There’s lower scrap rate, less starch loss and nearly no tapered slices. Our process is more stable: less variability and better yield. We are able to produce more product at a higher quality”

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