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Rachel Atkinson-Leach, Vice President of Brand & Category Excellence at RPE

Rachel Atkinson-Leach, Vice President of Brand & Category Excellence at RPE

September 18, 2023
Introducing the Burbank Reserve, a remarkable gem in the world of potatoes that effortlessly marries the qualities of casual and fine-dining restaurant excellence.

Originating from the Pacific Northwest, this extraordinary variety is now accessible to retailers and consumers through the steadfast commitment of Farmer's Promise, a well-known champion of quality.

Rachel Atkinson-Leach, Vice President of Brand & Category Excellence at RPE :
"The Burbank Reserve is presented with pride by the West family of Nuto Farms, a fourth-generation farming institution nestled in the bustling heart of Rice Lake, Wisconsin ."

"We invite you to savor this culinary sensation at your very own table; our Farmer’s Promise to you is that the Burbank Reserve possesses the remarkable ability to transform everyday meals into unforgettable culinary experiences ."
The Burbank Reserve, a limited supply treasure, comes packaged in 5 lb. and 10 lb. poly bags, reflecting its exclusive nature. Mark your calendars because the eagerly anticipated new crop will be ready for enjoyment starting October 1.

Certified Research Chef, Chris McAdams, raves about the culinary prowess of this variety that transcends cooking platforms.

Chris McAdams:
"Its versatility shines as it effortlessly transforms into a sumptuous, fluffy mashed potato dish. Whether fried or baked, the Burbank Reserve's skin delights in a crisp and flavorful revelation, harmonizing with the creamy and airy flesh, crafting an unrivaled symphony of taste and texture that truly captivates the palate."
Farmer's Promise, RPE's renowned nationwide commodity potato brand, leads the pack as the fastest-growing potato brand in the United States. Beyond providing a delightful array of russet, red, yellow, white, organic, and Idaho potatoes available in a variety of convenient sizes—ranging from 3 lb. to 50 lb. cartons—the brand forges a unique connection between consumers and the dedicated farmers who cultivate their potatoes.

With an offering that encompasses not only individual packs but also value-added single and tray packs, Farmer's Promise is a testament to RPE's commitment to quality and transparency.

RPE Burbank Reserve - Farmer's Promise

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