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Jack Grote
Jack Grote, lifecycle leader at Grote Company
February 15, 2023
Earlier this month, Grote Company, a manufacturer of food slicing and assembly equipment, announced that Jack Grote has accepted the role of Lifecycle Leader for all Grote Company brands.

This new role encompasses coordinating the execution of the Lifecycle Business Strategy, an initiative being launched to bring programs and services beyond equipment solutions to all customers across the Grote family of brands.

In his new position, Grote will be responsible for the development and execution of Grote Company’s corporate-wide Lifecycle Business Strategy to support customers of all divisions, including PFI and Vanmark, with offerings to maintain and optimize their equipment purchases.

Previously, Jack served as sales manager at Vanmark.

Bob Grote, chief executive officer at Grote Company:


"Grote Company is introducing its Lifecycle Business Strategy in response to food processors who have told us that they’re challenged to find enough skilled technical and maintenance talent,"

"Our customers are looking to us as a supplier to provide full-service offerings with their equipment purchases. We hope to make their lives easier with our new programs by streamlining installation, getting equipment running faster, and ensuring all machines are operating smoothly to avoid costly downtime and disruptions."
Jack Grote, lifecycle leader at Grote Company:
"I’m enthusiastic about what the future holds for Grote Company,"

"Heading up our new Lifecycle Business Strategy allows me to assist our customers in ways that will help them be more successful. It allows us to build a closer partnership with our customers. They rely on Grote Company, Vanmark, and PFI for solutions – now they can also rely on us to provide services to support their investment over the long haul."
More announcements will follow in the coming months as Grote Company introduces additional Lifecycle Business Strategy programs and offerings.