Spain: notable merger to take the potato sector by storm

Spain: notable merger to take the potato sector by storm

Spain: notable merger to take the potato sector by storm

April 18, 2024

Three spanish powerhouse horticultural companies have joined together and seek out to lead the potato sector in the Iberian peninsula to new heights. Hijolusa, Agricola Villena and Natuber will now be known as: Somos Hijolusa. A new entity with a huge potential market and the means to take on it, fast. 

More than half a century has passed since the family business Patatas Hijolusa was founded by José Luis Gómez and Victorina Pérez. Since then, it has achieved exponential, responsible and orderly growth, following their children taking the helm. Patatas Hijolusa is currently the leader in Spain's quality fresh potato market in terms of kilos marketed and turnover. 

For its part, the centenary company Agrícola Villena has two production centers in the municipalities of Villena, in the province of Alicante, and La Barca de la Florida, in the province of Cadiz. It is a leader in the cultivation, processing and marketing of carrots, leeks, celery, parsnip, cabbage, turnip, swede, stew packages and carrot sticks. In recent months, it has invested in a significant modernization of its facilities, as well as in the launch of innovative lines for the processing of new products. These investments already exceed 20 million euros. 

The Alava-based company Natuber (Transformados de Patata de Álava), founded in 1997, offers the horeca sector fresh potatoes already washed, peeled, cut and packaged. Processing fresh potatoes with the most advanced technology and a committed and trained team, this company is a leading brand in the Spanish hospitality and catering sector. 

With the three entities joining forces, Somos Hijolusa is consolidating as a leader in the sector, which translates into greater support and opportunities for Spanish producers. The group will have the opportunity to diversify its range and expand its potential market, with quality at the core. The business group's strategy is based on guarantees, innovation, healthy and balanced food, sustainability/CSR and its international vocation. 

The entry of the investment fund Proa Capital into the shareholding has entailed significant growth for these companies and their consolidation as big names at both a national and international level. It is also giving a boost to R&D projects and accelerating technological development. The solidity of the business group is undoubtedly instilling confidence in its customers and suppliers. 

Somos Hijolusa is not only marketing a wider range of fresh horticultural products, but it is also expanding geographically in Spain, with the strategic presence of its four logistics and production centers in various places across the country. Also, it is managing all its activities and production processes with a commitment to sustainable development and care for the environment, improving day by day and always adding value to the products with which it works.

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