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    One of India's states, Himachal Pradesh will impose a ban on using polythene for packaging non-essential eatables, especially potato chips and candies, from July 1, officials said on Sunday.

    The ban, first of its kind in India, comes in the wake of a Himachal Pradesh High Court order in January, imposing a blanket ban on polythene use in packaging non-essential eatables that the court said are junk food.

    This means eatables like potato chips, cookies, candy, chewing gum, ice cream, chocolates and noodles would not be available in polythene packs.

    The court directed the government to impose a blanket ban across the state from April 1 but the government pleaded to provide more time to the traders to clear their stocks.

    The ban is likely to have wider ramifications as scores of multinational companies, which sell such eatables, will be impacted.