Processed Indian Traditional Foods Conference (PITF Edition 4)

Continues as Scheduled
In person only

F1rst is organizing a conference on Processed Indian Traditional Foods in Bengaluru on Wednesday - 18th October, 2023. The conference aims to bring together all the industry groups related to the Indian food processing industry, not only from India but also from various parts of the globe.

This is a platform to discuss, share and learn how Traditional Indian Food is adapting to innovative food processing technologies and how the market for processed foods is changing is India. The food processing industry in India is a sunrise sector, bridging the vital gap between industry and agriculture. This industry is progressively getting the due it deserves from the government.

This conference will help understand key aspects such as science, resource requirement, infrastructure, education, competent manpower, etc. This conference plans to address the complete value chain of the Processed Indian Traditional foods.

It will be a platform to discuss how a processed product can be developed which is:

  • of excellent quality
  • good in taste
  • nutritious
  • correctly priced
  • conveniently packaged
  • delivered correctly

These factors, combined with adequate, transparent and honest communication to the consumer about the products can build a strong platform for Processed Indian Traditional Foods. The conference will bring experts from various fields such as agriculture, R&D, supply chain, food ingredients, processed food manufacturers, retailers, advertising, policy makers, nutritionists and research scholars to share their knowledge with the gathering.

The attendees of the conference can be very sure of having a day full of information and the conference will provide some very interesting food for thought.

Key discussion points :
  • Policy thrust to Indian food processing sector
  • Investment climate? Reason to invest in Indian traditional processed foods
  • R&D and equipment Challenges
  • Challenges of branding and advertising
  • Start-up ecosystem around food processing Industry
  • Availability of healthy and nutritious traditional foods
  • Food Services-trends in Indian traditional foods
  • The real market dynamics in processed Indian traditional foods
  • Academic research- Contribution to traditional Indian processed foods
  • Role of ingredients
  • Penetration of processed Indian traditional foods to tier II and tier III cities and impact of these foods on retailer's margin. Retailer's view on RTE vs. RTC

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