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Aquantis Moisture-Sense
The Aquantis Moisture-Sense addresses the need for inline bulk moisture analysis for the French Fries industry.
Aquantis Inline Freezing Sensors
The Callifreeze® is specifically designed to measure the LOF of individual products such as meat products, fish, vegetables, etc.
Aquantis Inline particle measurement systems
Their at-line and inline particle measurement systems are one of the first series of at-line and inline sensors to continuously monitor the particle size and concentration in real-time.
GEA Callifreeze control system
Callifreeze is a unique new control technology, continuously monitoring the level of crystallized water in the product and adjusts the retention time, air temperature and fan speed to achieve the precise level of freezing required.
Aquantis Microfreeze Inline Freezing Monitoring
The Microfreeze® is used to evaluate the level of frozenness (LOF) of large blocks of food products (e.g. blocks of meat) or layers of products (e.g. French fries).


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