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Aquantis Particle Size Monitoring

At-line and Inline particle size and concentration

Their at-line and inline particle measurement systems are one of the first series of at-line and inline sensors to continuously monitor the particle size and concentration in real-time. This label-free and non-destructive measurement technique allow follow-up of various processes.

Main features:
  • mixing/blending
  • homogenization
  • wet milling (grinding)
  • dispersing, and
  • emulsifying processes.

At-line particle measurement systems

The at-line measurement systems can be used in the lab or at the production line. In contrast to conventional lab measurements, this at-line version handles highly-concentrated samples and doesn’t require any sample preparation.

Aquantis At-line particle measurement systems

Inline particle measurement systems

The inline particle measurement systems can be easily installed in new or existing wet milling (grinding), dispersing, emulsifying, homogenization, or emulsification equipment. The system can be integrated by connecting the customizable tubing to the inlet and outlet of the system.

Particle Size Monitoring Brochures

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Particle Size Monitoring Brochures

Particle Size Monitoring Brochures