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AeroDry conveyor dryer
Bühler dryers set the standard for product quality, performance and sanitation in the potato industry. Custom systems are available for drying, dehydro-freezing, dehydrating, roasting and baking processes.
SV Agri, Impingement Dryer
Impingement Dryer
SV Agri Impingement dryer is the go-to drying product that helps in removing moisture from your production line. Using the advanced Impingement dryer, you can roast puffed rice, almonds, pistachio, cashews, peanuts, chickpea, and makhana.
The LinearOven steams, cooks, and roasts products, including potato specialties. The LinearOven’s dual-zone design lets you precisely adjust the temperature, dew point, and airspeed to create the optimal cooking climates for your specific products.


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