Manufacturers of Equipment for Potato Processing in Italy

Assomech Srl

Assomech Srl is a manufacturer of potato processing equipment located in Italy

Axor S.r.l.

Axor, for more than 30 years, has been one of the leading companies in the engineering, manufacturing and installation of equipment for the Food industry.

Boema SpA

Boema is an Italian manufacturer of food processing equipment, including equipment for the potato processing industry, such as (abrasive) peelers and washers.


Brovind company designs, manufactures and sells complete “turn-key” plants for the confectionary and food industry. Brovind company is now a point of reference in this sector, extending its skills to the world of nuts and snacks

Cama Group

Located in Italy, Cama Group is a leading supplier of advanced technology secondary packaging systems, continuously investing in innovative solutions.


CEIA is a manufacturer of metal detectors frequently used in the food industry
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Cepi Spa

Cepi designs, manufactures and installs turn-key systems for the storage, conveying and metering of raw materials, as well as fully integrated automation and technologies to complete all production processes.


CFT-Group's mission is to keep on being one of the leading supplier of processing and packaging equipment worldwide, for the Food, Liquid Food and Beverage industry.


Chiorino was founded in 1906 in Biella and is today a leading international company in the manufacturing and distribution of conveyor and process belts, flat transmission belts and other technical solutions for many different industries.


Founded with Ellips in Italy in 2010, Elisam offers advanced optical grading machines that can be installed in packhouses of every size and shape, seamlessly integrating into your facility.

Elisam Italy

Elisam Italy is branch of Ellips located in Italy. Elisam Italy develops advanced potato grading, sorting and packing machines. Already dozens of growers and packers worldwide use the Elisam potato grading machine daily.

ESG S.r.l

ESG S.r.l. develops systems that eliminate waste entirely in snack production—be it human resources, time, raw materials, natural elements, consumables, or energy.

FEN s.r.l.

Fen is an italian manufacturer of machines to produce a wide range of products like snack pellets.


Frutmac is a European leader in customized packaging solutions for fresh foods. Frutmac has developed itself as a comprehensive and global supplier of food packaging through the development, planning, and execution of complete packaging lines, as well as a virtually endless selection of packaging materials.

ICOEL S.r.l.

ICOEL has been operating in the fruit and vegetable industry for over forty years. A leading company in the design, construction and installation of quality machinery and plants for fruit and vegetable processing


Idealmac designs equipments for the production of puffed cakes and non-fried snacks made of cereals, pulses and/or pellets.


Inox-Fer designs, manufactures and sells custom equipment for the food and beverage industry across international markets. Founded in Italy as a manufacturer of mixing systems, today Inox-Fer also delivers advanced cooking kettles.

Italpack S.r.l.

Italpack is a manufacturer of packing lines to handle SOS block-bottom bags for varied products including potatoes.


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