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Balle Bros Group Ltd

Balle Bros Group Ltd is a leading producer produce, potatoes and french fries (Mr. Chips)

Fresher Foods Ltd.

Fresher Foods Ltd. is a small independent french fries Manufacturer in New Zealand.

Makikihi Fries

Makikihi Fries is a manufacturer of Frozen French Fries in New Zealand. Owned by the Bleeker family, Makikihi Fries was started in 1983 by Jac Bleeker, who came to New Zealand in 1952 from Holland.

McCain Foods (NZ) Limited - Hastings

McCain Foods production facility in Hastings, New Zealand

McCain Foods (NZ) Limited - Timaru

McCain Foods production facility in Timaru, New Zealand

Mr. Chips

Mr Chips is a leading processor of potatoes in New Zealand and Australia, making over 25,000 tonnes of frozen and chilled french fries and potato products annually. Part of the Balle Bros Group.
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Talleys Group Ltd

Talley's Group LTD is a private New Zealand company manufacturing a range of frozen foods. products include frozen fish, ice-cream, frozen vegetables and frozen potato products.


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