Manufacturers of Frozen French Fries For Food Service in Asia


Iscon Balaji Foods

Iscon Balaji Foods (IBF) is a leading manufacturer and exporter of frozen and dehydrated potato variants from India since 2012.

Bonab Behfam Powder Co.

Bonab Behfam Powder Co. is an Iranian manufacturer of frozen french fries.


Brillar, a retail brand from ABAD, is dedicated to taking your taste senses to the next level with its diverse assortment of Ready To Fry, Ready To Cook, and Heat & Eat frozen food products.

Chill Fill Foods

ChillFill has been in the potato processing business for more than 20 years and is a go-to brand when it comes to crispy and delicious frozen snacks. What makes ChillFill stand out amongst others is its consistent quality products, longer shelf life, and equal portion servings.

Dawn Foods

Dawn Foods is a frozen food product company from pakistan. The company offers range on frozend ready to eat products, french fries ,nuggets, frozen vegetables etc.

First Choice Foods Pvt. Ltd.

First Choice Foods Pvt. Ltd. is a well-known private agricultural potato processing firm established in Rupandehi, Nepal. The company manufactures high-quality French fries, potato wedges, potato tikki, crinkle cuts, and other products.

Fresh Street

Fresh Street started in the year 2020,and offers over 70 delectable products. They offers fresh french fries in variuos cut likes straight, crinkle etc in range of packaging.
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GOELD symbolizes the Goel Group's entry into the food industry with its 100% vegetarian frozen food products. While attempting to modernize the retail environment in India, the brand stands to be the gold standard in the packaged food market.


Hungritos is a brand of Iscon Balaji Foods. Under this brand the company offers a wide range of potato snacks such as French Fries, Corn Cheese Burstz, Aloo Pop-Corn, Potato Mojjos, Kids Veggie Slider, Aloo Tikki Slider, Cheese Corn Chalks and more.

Hyfun Frozen Foods (p) ltd.

HyFun Foods is India’s largest processor of potatoes into frozen French Fries and potato specialties.

Innovative Foods Limited (IFL)

Innovative Foods Limited (IFL) has been a key player in the Indian food processing business since 1989. The company, under the name 'Sumeru', produces and markets ready-to-eat vegetarian and non-vegetarian foods, including seafood.

Iscon Balaji Foods

Iscon Balaji Foods (IBF) is a leading manufacturer and exporter of frozen and dehydrated potato variants from India since 2012.

Konya Seker Industry and Co.

Konya Şeker is the largest sugar manufacturer of Turkey and a member of a cooperative organization of nearly 60.000 employees. Since January 2009 Konya Seker has a production facility for frozen french fries.

Lamb Weston Ulanqab, Inner Mongolia, China

Lamb Weston Ulanqab, is a new production facility of Lamb Weston Holdings Inc in Inner Mongolia, China.

MC Frost India

MC Frost India is a Company that manufactures and exports French fries.

Pepizo Foods

Pepizo Foods is manufacturer and exporter of high-quality frozen food products from India. They offer various range of frozen potato products such as French Fries, Potato Wedges,Hash Browns,Aloo Tikki,Burger Patty, potato Nuggets etc

PT. Kirana Food

Since year 2000, PT. Kirana Food has presented various types and varieties of delicious food choices for people throughout Indonesia.

Qingdao Longyang Food co.,ltd

Qingdao Longyang Food co.,ltd is a Company that mainly Manufacturers and export of frozen french fries across the world.

Rafiq Farm Foods

Rafiq Farm Foods is a french fries supplier from pakistan.


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