Manufacturers of Potato Chips in United Kingdom

Brown Bag Crisps

Brown Bag Crisps is a English manufacturer of potato crisps cooked in light olive oil

Burts Potato Chips

Burts Chips is a manufacturer of hand cooked potato chips in the United Kingdom

Burts Snacks Ltd

Burts Snacks Ltd is an award-winning premium snack manufacturer, based in the South West of the UK. Their emphasis is on premium quality, but with a real edge to their flavours and product options.

Calbee Foods Co. (UK)

Calbee Group UK is a growing manufacturer of crisps and snacks. The company demonstrated noteworthy organic growth, marked by the strategic acquisition of Seabrook Crisps based in Bradford. Known for their rich history in producing flavorful snacks, Seabrook Crisps has contributed to the group's strengthened market position.

Corkers Crisps

Corkers Crisps is a start-up potato crisp manufacturer in Cambridgeshire, United Kingdom

Darling Spuds

Darling Spuds are potato chips (crisps) from the United Kingdom offered by the creators of Salty Dog, Judy and Dave Willis.
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Dormen Food Company

Purveyors & Connoissuers of Fine Nuts & Snacks, The Dormen Food Company is a Wiltshire-based award winning supplier of exemplary nuts and snacks. With 30 years Experience and a dedicated

Europe Snacks UK

Europe Snacks offers a wide range of crisps and snacks,based in diffrent locations like France, Spain and UK.

Fairfields Farm Crisps

Fairfields Farm Crisps is a small UK chips manufacturer. Fairfield Farm chips are made from potatoes grown on their three-generation family farm in Essex.

Just Crisps Ltd

Just Crisps is a 100% British Crisps producer operated by the Froggatt Family - using home grown potatoes, sliced with their skins on and cooked in Just Cold Pressed Rapeseed Oil, packed in 40g and 150g bags with a range of delicious flavours.

Kent Crisps

Kent Crisps are an award-winning range of hand-cooked crisps inspired by local flavours, made using British-grown potatoes.

Kettle Baked Chips

KETTLE® Baked Chips are aimed at health-conscious female consumers who are looking for a lighter, ‘better-for-you’ snack without compromising on taste.

Kettle Foods Ltd

Kettle Foods Ltd is the European branch of the Kettle chips operation.

Kolak Snack Foods Ltd

Kolak Snack Foods Ltd is a major private label manufacturer of savory snacks in the United Kingdom

KP Snacks

KP Snacks is one of the leading manufacturers of savory snacks in the United Kingdom

KP Snacks - Rotherham

KP - Rotherham is one of the production facilities of KP Snacks.

KP Snacks - Teesside

KP Snacks - Teesside is one of the production facilities of KP Snacks.

Lister’s Crisps

Lister’s crisps company is started at a family farm in Yorkshire. They offers best tasting hand cooked crisps in various flavours. Their range of flavours in crisps include Sea Salted, Sea Salt & Cider Vinegar, Sweet Chilli,Cheddar Cheese & Onion,Steak & Ale etc.


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