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In the section, we cover everything that is involved in Potato Chips

Regular Potato Chips

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Stackable Potato Chips

Stackable potato chips are cut from a potato-based dough and are fried all in exactly the same shape in a mold, allowing them to be neatly stacked in a tube-like container.
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Kettle Fried Potato Chips

Kettle fried potato chips are fried in a batch process, rather than in a continuous process. To produce kettle chips potatoes are typically cut into thicker slices, often (almost) directly into the fryer. Starch on the cutting surface is not removed, nor is the product blanched prior to frying.

The slices are fried longer and at a lower temperature. The end result is a much harder texture, more bite compared to regular chips.
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Low Fat Potato Chips

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Potato Chip flavours

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