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Automha Autosatmover- Fully Automated

If you require maximum storage density, higher throughput, and increased redundancy over traditional Crane Systems this can be the right solution for your company. A Fully Automated Solution controlled by Automha Software, that doesn't require batteries or hydraulics, has become the most popular type of Deep-Lane, Fully Automated option in Freezers on the planet.

Automha Autosatmover- Fully Automated

Imagine pallet loads of goods leaving production or loading dock area and being taken to a centralized conveyor dropoff station (either automatically or via forklift). From there, Stationary, Automated Lifters will elevate loads to and from every level in the storage system.

At each storage, level will be 'Cart Pairings' as shown above each having the capability of moving 25-35 pallets of inbound or outbound pallets per hour…Automatically, all controlled by software. You can have the ability to store and retrieve more pallets per hour, in one aisle, than you can achieve with 8+ forklifts. Unprecedented storage density, system redundancy, and unequaled ease of maintenance in our industry.