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Automha Pallet Runner- Semi-Automated

By combining Semi-Automated Pallet Runner Carts with either conventional Forklifts or AGV’s, maximize density in your freezer beyond what is possible with Drive-In or Push Back Systems. Reduce your rack, product, and truck damage and increase your productivity with proven technology.

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Automha - Pallet Runner - Semi-Automated

When you have many pallets of the same SKU, but still require selectivity by date or lot code, our Pallet Runner Product may be the solution for you. This deep-lane, cart-based Semi-Automated System allows you to store unique Sku’s, by specific date codes at each lane, by individual levels.

No more 'honeycombing', or rack, truck, or product damage associated with drive-in systems. We have systems up to 74 pallets deep storing, double-stacked pallets for maximum storage density, and the lowest cost per pallet stored compared to any other type of rack system available.