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Dewulf AKL Fully automatic box tippler

Automatic tipping of boxes

Miedema box tipplers are designed to adapt perfectly to your work. You can achieve the desired product flow with the automatic speed of the buffer conveyor. The mechanism enables the tipping at 170 degrees with which even the last of the product can be unloaded out of the box without being damaged.

This sets a fully automatic unloading path into operation at optimal speed. Dewulf's box tippler is suited for various box sizes. The closed box container ensures that waste remains in the product flow.

Optimal capacity & product-friendliness

In order to achieve an optimal capacity, the Miedema box tippler will tip the first 45 degrees with increased speed. Subsequently, the tipping speed is automatically adjusted to the set capacity, as a result of which the supply can be set precisely and as soon as required.

Furthermore, a sensor on the receiving end monitors the ideal layer thickness.

Thanks to a seamless connection with a minimum internal height difference between the box tippler and your next machine, very low drop heights are achieved.

When inserting the product, the box tippler handles your boxes with great care, as a result of which these will have a longer service life.

Special Features

  • Optimal capacity thanks to various tipping programs
  • The closed box container prevents the accumulation of waste
  • Box-friendly due to the clever tipping mechanism
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Complete machine

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Box tippler

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Buffer belt

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Discharge conveyor