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Dewulf ML 70 cm wide store loader

Product-friendly storage

The ML 70 series are store loaders with a 70 cm wide, deep troughed conveyor belt. They stand out with a high capacity of greater than 130 tonnes/h with a product-friendly belt speed. The store loaders are available in lengths of 13 or 16 metres.

Quality and reliability

Dewulf has many years of experience in the transporting of potatoes. The quality of Dewulf's belt conveyors has been achieved by working closely with the end users. As a result, our belt conveyors provide maximum capacity, full product flow and less risk of damage.

At Dewulf, the strength lies in simplicity; this makes their machines reliable and practically indestructible.

Extremely user-friendly

Dewulf's belt conveyors are equipped with various elements that promote user-friendliness. The pleasure from work is often achieved with minute details. The top of the store loader has a nodding section for the filling of storage buildings or lorries. Thanks to the small diameter of the returning roller, a minimum drop height is always ensured.

The troughed conveyor belt guarantees a high capacity. The covered sensors for the side board detection control the reversing of the swivel direction using poles, which provides a particularly user-friendly experience. The useful remote control also contributes to this.

Working easily and safely

Dewulf has created an intelligent system called Start-Control that connects all the Miedema storage machines. This allows you to start the entire storage line with the remote control for the store loader. First the store loader/box filler starts, then the belt conveyor and finally the receiving hopper.

As soon as the receiving hopper is empty, all the machines in the storage line will stop simultaneously. With Start-Control, the optimal filling of all conveyor belts is ensured to minimise product damage and to prevent current spikes.

Three possible filling programs

The ML 70 store loaders are available with a selection of 3 possible filling programs to meet your specific needs.

3 filling function

Farmer filling function

Farmer filling function

The Farmer filling function automatically moves the store loader from side to side at a fixed speed, while the transport length and discharge height are controlled manually.
Comfort+ filling function

Comfort+ filling function

With the Comfort+ filling function, the store loader’s side-to-side movement, transport length and discharge height are all controlled automatically. If desired, the discharge height of the final terrace can be controlled automatically, allowing a hall to be filled to a consistent height. This filling function can also be used for filling Big Bags.
Comfort filling function

Comfort filling function

With the Comfort filling function, the store loader’s side-to-side movement, transport length and discharge height are all controlled automatically. Starting a new terrace must be done manually.

Special Features
  • High capacity due to the deep troughed conveyor belt
  • Ease of use with high manoeuvrability
  • Unique combination of a profiled drive roller and a sticky conveyor belt surface for optimal grip
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ML 70 Specifications