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FoodeQ Dewatering Shaker

FoodeQ designs and builds professional shakers exactly according to our customers’ requirements and wishes for a wide range of products and purposes.

They build dewatering shakers in all shapes and sizes, it is an excellent technical solution for subsequently separating the water from the product. A shaker is a very hygienic and effective solution since the vibratory conveyor technology enables the shaker to break the water surface or drops of liquid on the products and remove the water.

The decks can be manufactured custom-specific with wire mesh, wedge wire, perforated metal sheets or bars. The decks are easily replaceable – they are equipped with a quick tension system – so that the dewatering shaker can be used to transport and dewater multiple sorts and types of products.

Most vibratory conveyors are indirectly driven by two out of balance motors based on natural frequency. These shakers shake far more intensely than directly driven shakers, furthermore they use less energy and give less unwanted vibrations that hinder the surroundings. FoodeQ shakers can be equipped with extra functionality e.g. for sieving, grading and spreading.
  • Width: 300mm – 2.400mm
  • Length: 1.000mm – 5.500mm
  • Drive: direct or indirect by 2 out of balance motors or magnet drive
  • Capacity: depending on product and width
  • Shaker bed: smooth/blasted/rigidized • Material: RVS 304/316
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