Heat and Control - Grader-Halver

A cost-effective solution designed to consistently grade potatoes according to size then halve any that are larger than the predetermined size.

Operators can easily adjust the grading size at any time during the production process and can also adjust the minimal size before rejecting very small potatoes, as well as foreign objects.

Improve final product quality
Grading and halving potatoes consistently plays an important role in producing final (in bag) product consistency and preventing chips from getting 'stuck' in the former of the bagmaker.

Lower cost of ownership
Reduces the overall cost of operation through easy operation, low maintenance, ease of cleaning, and no water consumption.

Remove food traps
Eliminate spaces where product fragments can collect and where bacteria can grow with hygienic construction.

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Potato Chip Processing and Packaging

Features of the Potato Grader-Halver:

  • Rugged stainless steel frame, adjustable multiple auger system featuring adjustable phasing, a roller conveyor and slicing discs to halve larger product items
  • Small product is captured along the full length of grading area
  • Sizing auger adjustment allows the gap between the augers to be easily changed according to desired size
  • FastBack® 260E captures all potatoes (small and halved) underneath the Grader-Halver and moves downstream
  • Roller conveyors align large sized potatoes ready for circular knives to cut across the diameter of the potato
  • Position of the reject chute is adjustable
  • Hinged safety guards cover the entire grading and halving areas to prevent access during operation

Ideal applications include: Potato chips
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